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      Roadside Assistance

      This lets you travel with peace of mind knowing that if there is a problem, there is complete assistance service at your disposal: one of our priorities! Our solution guarantees maximum peace of mind while driving, helping you and your car in case something goes wrong.

      What’s more, we offer an information service about the dealership location and opening times. So we’re always with you if you need us!

      roadside assistance


      Have a puncture? Is your car battery dead and your car left you on foot? Undo your seat belt and take a deep breath of relief! One of our mechanics is always available to get to you wherever you are. And if the problem requires a stopover in a workshop, we’ll take care of towing your car to the nearest authorized service.


      If we need to keep your car in our service centre for repairs, we’ll provide you with a courtesy car while we fix yours. If the glitch happens while you’re travelling, we’ll take care of the expenses of moving you, from taxis to get you to the station to car rental so you can carry on travelling*.


      If your car breaks down more than 50 km/31 miles from home, we’ll get you back at our expense* along with your travel companions: for the hotel in case you can’t get going again right away, and the trip to come back and collect your car when it's repaired. And if the time needed to repair your car is more than 5 days, we’ll pay the expenses* to get your car back to you or to the authorised dealer where you live.


      Alfa Romeo Accident AfterCare is a FREE service to alleviate the stress and inconvenience for Alfa Romeo drivers following a vehicle accident or theft. One call to us and we’ll manage the entire insurance claim process for you.

      Call ALFA ROMEO First and we will:

      • Recover your vehicle
      • Liaise with your insurer and handle your insurance claim while you recover your composure
      • Fill in your claim form
      • Exercise your legal right to have your Alfa Romeo repaired at an Alfa Romeo approved bodyshop
      • Ensure only Alfa Romeo genuine parts are used in the repair, helping to protect your Alfa Romeo’s warranty, safety standards and residual value
      • Provide you with a free courtesy car during the repair
      • Provide a legal support service for personal injury
      • Keep you informed throughout

      *Remember to check your car’s Warranty handbook so you always have the general conditions for included services handy