At the heart of the MiTo are engines that combine gutsiness with efficient running costs. A turbo engine for those seeking unadulterated racing spirit: 100 Kw MultiAir petrol. To keep fuel consumption and emissions low, the MiTo has another device on board.

• Start & Stop: this device, which automatically stops and starts the car when at a standstill in traffic, is constantly active, but can also be deactivated by the driver.
• Gear Shift Indicator - GSI: this system suggests when to change to the gear best suited to optimise power unit efficiency by turning on a light on the control panel.


Alfa MultiAir

This technology heralds a new era for petrol engines, controlling the intake of air into the engine directly as it enters the cylinders, based on the actual engine requirements.
From 10% to 35% more maximum power and up to 15% more torque at low speeds.
Pick-up improved by up to 12% and up to 10% lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Technical specifications

1.4 Turbo TwinAir 100 Kw: Capacity: 1368 cm3 - Max torque: 206Nm at 1750 rpm - Top speed: 207 km/h - 0-100km/h: 8.4 sec. - Fuel consumption l/100 km: 5.6 - CO2 g/km: 128 - Class: Euro 5 - Start & Stop: as standard